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Where can you see the beauty of the Monterey Coast just a few feet from the Redwood Forests of Humboldt County? The Counties Exhibit at the California State Fair! The Counties Exhibits is a fun, interactive way to appreciate the best agricultural commodities and landscapes of many of the California Counties all in one location. With the 2018 theme of “California – Create, Inspire & Innovate” county representatives and builders create engaging exhibits that show the lasting impact of California’s counties. These exhibits are enjoyable, hands-on displays of different cultures and events from across the state. Stop by to learn more about the travel opportunities in California and discover the hidden treasures each county has to offer.

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This exhibit showcases the vast agricultural commodities and tourism attractions from California’s Counties. Competition is open to organizations wishing to showcase their portion of the Golden State. Each three-dimensional, interactive exhibit is uniquely tailored to highlight the striking features of the county including: recreational facilities, attractions, festivals, agritourism and anything else the county may offer visitors.

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