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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that aren’t listed below, feel free to call us at
(916) 263-3000.

When is the 2018 California State Fair?
July 13 – 29, 2018 – click here for hours.

Where is the accessible parking?
Accessible parking spots are available closest to each admission gate.
– Main Gate (located on Exposition Blvd. and Heritage Way)
– Blue Gate (located on Exposition Blvd. and Challenge Way)
– Rodeo Gate (located on Exposition Blvd. and Challenge Way)
– Green Gate (located West of the Main Gate and Parking Lot A)

Are there wheelchair and scooter rentals?
Yes, you can make reservations online by clicking here for wheelchair rentals and here for scooter rentals, or call 1-877-588-4782.

Are there special hours for the last day?
On Sunday, July 29, closing hours may vary. Please check back for updates.

Which gate do I use to visit the fair?
All parking and gate information is located here.

Can I bring a cooler/ice chest into the State Fair?
You are welcome to bring outside food and drinks onto the fairgrounds. Ice chests will be searched at all entrances. No glass, aluminum cans or outside alcohol are allowed.

What is a Fun Pack?
Fun Packs, formerly known as Poppy Paks, are ticket packages that come with 4 general admission tickets, 4 monorail/ride tickets, and 1 parking pass. The Fun Packs are a great deal for anyone looking to save money at the California State Fair! These are only available for purchase prior to the start of the Fair.

Where are the restrooms located at Cal Expo?
There are restrooms conveniently located throughout the fairgrounds:
– Miller Lite Racetrack Grandstand
– Tractor Supply Big Barn (North and South)
– California Building A
– California Building B
– Expo Center (behind Expo Center 4 & below Expo Center 2)
– Carnival (North)
– Monorail
– Main Gate
– Coca-Cola Promenade
– Kids Park
– Save Mart Wine Garden
– Shopping (between Building C & D)

Are there lockers available?
Yes, lockers are located at the Blue, Main and Green Gates. 

Where do I go if I lost my child?
If you lost your child, please contact the Cal Expo Police at (916) 263-3050.

What is the best place to watch the fireworks?
The fireworks are launched from the Miller Lite Racetrack Grandstand, so anywhere across Cal Expo with a good view of the eastern sky will make a great place to see the firework show every Friday and Saturday night.

Where can I find the First Aid station?
Cal Expo’s First Aid is located in between the Main Gate and the Coca-Cola Promenade.

What are some healthier food options?
There are a variety of healthier food options found at vendors across the fair:
– Pizza Salad from Cardinalli’s Wood Fire Pizza
– Fresh Fruit from Pepe’s Fruit Cart and Egg Roll on a Stick
Grilled Fruit and Vegetables from Fat Franky’s Grilled Veggies
Gourmet Baked Potatoes from Spud Ranch
Roasted Veggie Panini or Steamed Artichoke from Jeanne’s Artichokes
Grilled Corn on the Cob from The Corn Shack

Where are the smoking areas?
Smoking areas are located next to the Green Gate, outside Expo Center 5, outside California Building B, the Cool Zone, outside the Tractor Supply Co. Big Barn and at the Miller Lite Racetrack Grandstand.

How are the concerts free if it says they cost money?
At the California State Fair we want to provide a fun and affordable time for everyone. The Toyota Concert Series on the Golden 1 Stage has entertainment each night of the Fair. Concerts are free with Fair admission. However, seating close to the stage is reserved for the Golden Circle ticket purchasers.

Which buildings are air conditioned?
If you want to take a break from the heat, we have air conditioning in these buildings for your comfort:
– California Buildings A, B, C and D
– Expo Center
– The Tractor Supply Co. Big Barn

Where are nursing mothers allowed to breast feed?
The California State Fair is family friendly, and encourages mothers to breast feed anywhere on our property they feel comfortable. We have provided a Mommy Lounge located in the Whale Tale Exhibit area (Expo Center 2) and in the California Building. Comfortable seating and air conditioning makes this an ideal place to rest and relax.

Where is the live horse racing?
Live horse racing and wagering takes place at the Miller Lite Racetrack Grandstand during the Fair. All horse races are free with Fair admission. Please check the horse racing page for dates and times.

Where and when can I take a photo with Poppy?
Poppy roams the fair during various fair hours. His schedule changes daily due to planned appearances and the weather, but he is always willing to take a photo so be ready!

Where is the best place to sit and rest?
In both the Cool Zone (near the Kids Park) and the Coca-Cola Promenade (near the Main Gate) there is seating, shade and misters for your comfort. Both areas are surrounded by food vendors, so you can grab a snack while you rest your feet. There is also seating near the Farm and in the Forest Center.

Why is the fountain blocked off?
The fountain has a gate surrounding it for public safety.