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Junior Livestock

Junior competitions include Beef Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Market Goats, Dairy Cattle and Dairy Goats.

2017 Competition Resources:
2017 Junior Livestock Handbook
2017 Quality Assurance & Ethics Awareness Training
DNA Notice
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2017 California State Fair Livestock Judges
Stalling Request

2017 Results:
Junior Beef
6005 – Junior All Other Breeds Beef
6010 – Junior Angus Beef
6035 – Junior Hereford Beef
6040 – Junior Super Regional Shorthorn Beef
CBCIA – Angus Herdsman – Jr. Shorthorn Herdsman

Junior Dairy Cattle
6076 – All California Junior Milking Shorthorn
6080 – All California Junior Brown Swiss Show
6085 – Western National Junior Guernsey Show
6090 – Junior Holstein Show
6100 – All California Junior Jersey Show

Junior Dairy Goats
6105 – Junior Alpine Dairy Goats
6108 – Junior LaMancha Dairy Goats
6110 – Junior Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats
6115 – Junior Nubian Dairy Goat Show
6120 – Junior Saanen Dairy Goat Show
6125 – Junior All Other Purebred Dairy Goats

Junior Large Animal Showmanship
4-H Junior Showmanship
4-H Senior Showmanship
FFA Showmanship
Grange Showmanship
Large Animal Master Showmanship
Dairy Master Showmanship

Junior Livestock Special Competitions
4-H County Groups
Best Educational Display
Champion Challenge
County Fair Best of Show Master Showmanship
County Fair Best of Show Sheep Lead
FFA Chapter Groups
Junior Herdsman

Junior Market
Junior Market Beef Show
Junior Market Goat Show
Junior Market Sheep Show
Junior Market Swine Show

Junior Sheep
6135 – Junior All Other Breeds – Meat Sheep
6140 – Junior All Other Breeds – Wool Sheep
6150 – Junior Western Regional Dorset Sheep
6155 – Junior Western Regional Hampshire Sheep
6170 – Junior Southdown Sheep
6177 – Junior Leonard Bianchi Wether Dam and Wether Sire

Junior Swine
6230 – Junior All Other Purebreds Light Swine
6235 – Junior All Other Purebreds Dark Swine
6238 – Junior Berkshire Swine
6240 – Junior Duroc Swine
6245 – Junior Yorkshire Swine
6246 – Junior Crossbred Swine

Junior Wether Dam Doe
Junior Wether Dam Doe

Junior Livestock Results Archive

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