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Teen Volunteer Programs

The California State Fair invites local teens, ages 14 – 17, to take part in preparing and carrying out programs, exhibits and demonstrations.

Take a look at examples of the 2016 Teen Volunteers’ work:

“What’s In Now” Report

Volunteer Slideshow

All members will develop skills in organization, time management, project development/execution and professional presence.  Members will also have the opportunity to experience and build valuable network connections in a variety of California’s leading market industries.  Members may use service hours to fulfill high school requirements and experience gained may be listed on resumes and scholarship applications.
There are two divisions with different levels of involvement to apply for:

Youth Leadership Council (10 seat membership) convenes from May to August for pre-fair, fair-time and post-fair coordination. Members are involved with the creative process, decision making and service as project leads.
Program Dates: May 3 – August 9, 2017
2017 Youth Leadership Council Application
Application Deadline: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Youth Task Force (20 seat membership) joins the team in July for fair time productions and operations.
Program Dates: July 5 – August 9, 2017
2017 Youth Task Force Application
Application Deadline: Monday, June 26, 2017

Additional Documents
2017 Teen Volunteer Program Handbook
After you’ve been accepted to the program, fill out and return the forms below:
Responsibility Pact
Volunteer Record and Service Agreement
Medical Treatment & Health History Form
California Worker’s Permit
Megan’s Law

For more information, contact