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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Join Us on an AGventure!

The sweltering mid-May sun beat down on my thirteen year old face as I waited anxiously in a pig pen. The sounds of baying, clucking, and shouting could be heard echoing from every angle, and I was in the center

Hey Cyclers!

Hay der.  It’s me!  Joshua Giberson!  If that doesn’t sound familiar by now, you clearly don’t read enough California State Fair blogs!  But hey, at least you’re reading this one.  I’m actually really stoked to tell you all about this

Corn, Dawgs!

It was a blustery tuesday afternoon, (that’s not true but I don’t remember what day it was and I’ve been told details are essential to hook your reader. I digress). The finals for Milo’s annual corn dog eating contest at

Twenty-Wine and Up!

Big News! I, Grace Becker, just turned 21! Now you may not care about my recent age milestone because you don’t know me, hence it’s unlikely that you’d be as excited as I am. Unless you’re just a really nice

How to do Fair for FREE!

One of the most common stereotypes about college students is that they will only participate in free activities. As a senior in college, I can 100% confirm this. If you’re trying to coax college students into attending a function of

Spotted: Dole Whip at the Fair!

Before I begin, I was looking for a joke to start this blog off with when I discovered something unexpected.  There are ZERO good jokes about pineapples.  The almighty internet provided very little material for me to use.  Like seriously

What’s Appening at the Fair?

As the saying goes, “There’s an app for everything nowadays” *queue the eyeroll* and quite honestly, it’s true.  However, despite the absurd amount of apps available for download, whether it be “therapeutic” pimple popping, adding a cat stamp to any