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Don’t get beat by the heat! Plan ahead to avoid letting hot summer days stop your fun at the California State Fair. Courtesy of the Sacramento News Review, here are the must have items to help you stay cool and comfortable during the Best 17 days of Summer!

Top Nine Must Have Items

  1.  Sun Protection:

    Sun hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Stay protected as you enjoy the bright sunshiny days.Kids Day Header Special Events

  2. Water Bottles:

    Empty, reusable water bottles are perfect to stay hydrated and help the environment. Bring one from home and refill it throughout the day.IMG_1092

  3. Comfortable Shoes:

    Enjoy 350 acres of fun in your most comfortable kicks.Feet 2

  4. Download the California State Fair App:

    See showtimes, pinpoint exhibits, and locate food vendors to pre-plan your fun-filled day at the placeholder image1

  5. Reusable Bags:

    Easy storage for The Best samples, swag, and carnival prizes.Shopping Menu Block

  6. A Portable Phone Charger:

    These beauties help keep your phone charged so you can stay connected all day long.IMG_1094

  7. Food and Drink:

    You are allowed a small ice chest into the fair. Bring snacks to munch on throughout the day. No glass, aluminum, or alcohol.20191590628_45cd7e845b_o

  8. Buy a Season Pass Online:

    Skip the ticket lines and enjoy everyday of The Fair. 19641398566_fa8224bc17_o (1)

  9. Friends and Family:

    Bring your pals to enjoy the day and help carry all your gear!shutterstock_140611195