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Celebrating California

The California State Fair is a place to make long-lasting memories. Some of my earliest memories are from the CA State Fair: I remember running through the carnival, singing along to the Vanessa Hudgens and Hot Chelle Rae concerts, and

Wienerschnitzel Weiner Nationals

One of the best days of Fair–at least in my opinion–is fast approaching. Nothing can stop these miniature running machines, as the Wienerschnitzel Weiner Nationals are back! Are you prepared for the impending weiner dog championship? Picture this—small fur slinkies,

¡Ay Jalisco, no te rajes!

Smiles are all over our fairgrounds as we enter the last week of Fair! But, not many people are smiling larger than I am, because Mariachi Vargas is playing tonight! This concert is sure to be the experience of a

Get Your Brew On!

The beer renaissance is in full swing and we’re well aware of that here at the California State Fair. When I think beer, images of tattoos, flannels, and beards come to mind. While beer culture is something I’ve longtime been

Happy Birthday To Our Favorite Golden Bear!

In my many years of attending the California State Fair, I have never missed an opportunity to snag a picture with Poppy–my favorite bear in the world–just like many other fair goers. Poppy is always there with a smile, high

Saving Money, Making Memories

The first day of the California State Fair was Friday! Now, since I will be here all 17 days, I definitely needed to find a way to budget so I didn’t blow ALL my cash in the first day. Because,

Join Us on an AGventure!

The sweltering mid-May sun beat down on my thirteen year old face as I waited anxiously in a pig pen. The sounds of baying, clucking, and shouting could be heard echoing from every angle, and I was in the center

The Greatest Hits

Yeah, the rhythm feels good. This year’s Toyota Concert Series on the Golden 1 Stage kicks off with Oakland-based R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné and doesn’t stop until Loverboy has you “Working for the Weekend.” In between you’ll be walking

Party Like a Rock Star With Live Karaoke

Ever fantasize about fronting a rock band? You can make that dream a reality during the California State Fair with Rock On! Live Band Karaoke. Take center stage as thousands of fairgoers cheer you on. Here’s what founder Adam Donald

Bringing the Best to Californians

By Matthew Craggs In preparing for the biggest party of the summer, the California State Fair (July 8–24) has curated creative artists, delicious food and electrifying entertainment from across the Golden State. The only thing left — the secret to

Bye-bye Big Yellow Slide

A familiar fair icon is saying “Goodbye.” The Big Yellow Slide, found near the Coca-Cola Main Food Promenade during the California State Fair, will not be there this summer to make room for more shaded seating in that area. Deconstruction

10 Reasons Why The Farm is #TheBest Attraction 

At its heart California really is all about agriculture. Yes, places like San Francisco and Los Angeles get a lot of attention and can be fun to visit (despite the traffic). Yosemite and old-growth redwood forests are downright magical. It