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Becoming a Connoisseur

The California State Fair has endless thrills and frills to offer. The midway holds hundreds of flashy rides and The Coca Cola Promenade features rows upon rows of food stands offering the most exotic items a person can consume,—such as

Fair Food Can Be Healthy Too!

When you think of going to the Fair, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? FAIR FOOD: Corn dogs, BBQ, funnel cake, and Krispy Kreme burgers–where the burger bun IS a donut. Okay, okay, this may not be

Twenty-Wine and Up!

Big News! I, Grace Becker, just turned 21! Now you may not care about my recent age milestone because you don’t know me, hence it’s unlikely that you’d be as excited as I am. Unless you’re just a really nice

Beers and Cheers

  Living in the birthplace of the craft beer revolution, Californians enjoy numerous varieties of local beers — from Belgian dubbels and sours to Baltic porters and barleywine. In the Golden State, there are as many possible pours as there

10 Reasons Why The Farm is #TheBest Attraction 

At its heart California really is all about agriculture. Yes, places like San Francisco and Los Angeles get a lot of attention and can be fun to visit (despite the traffic). Yosemite and old-growth redwood forests are downright magical. It