Telephone Directory:

General Information: 916-263-3000
Toll Free: 877-CAL-EXPO or 877-225-3976
Lost and Found: 916-263-3050
Cal Expo RV Park: 916-263-3187 / 916-263-3250 FAX
Cal Expo Sports & Wagering Center: 916-263-3279
Event Planning: 916-263-1477
Raging Waters Sacramento-Water Park: 916-924-3747 / 916-924-1314 FAX
Guest Services: 916-263-4892

Administrative Office:

Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

CA State Fair Hours of Operation, view our Hours of Operation page

Safety & Security:

Click HERE to find the Code of Conduct, Drone Policy, Cannabis Policy and more information about safety and security.

Guests entering Cal Expo grant unrestricted rights to use their likeness in any broadcast, photograph, transmission, or reproduction in connection with the event.