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In my many years of attending the California State Fair, I have never missed an opportunity to snag a picture with Poppy–my favorite bear in the world–just like many other fair goers. Poppy is always there with a smile, high five and a hug. I have grown up knowing Poppy, and now my little brothers can join in on the fun in the true tradition of the Fair.

Despite maybe getting a new outfit or trying out a new dance, Poppy remains a reminder of the values of the Fair. Poppy is the embodiment of family fun, nostalgia, laughter and love. But more importantly, at least to a millennial, Poppy is a wonderful addition to adorable pictures that I love to share on social media… #CAStateFair

Poppy is the symbol of the California State Fair and as such a fixture, he gets his very own day during the best 17 days of summer. Poppy’s birthday falls on Tuesday, July 17th this year. Starting at noon, Poppy and his mascot friends celebrated on the PG&E Expo Center Stage! Poppy had many friends surrounding him for dancing, birthday wishes, and balloon making. If you see Poppy during the fair, make sure to wish him a happy birthday and take a picture with him as well…Poppy loves new friends!

Happy Birthday Poppy!

Written by: Zoey Gough

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