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Hay der.  It’s me!  Joshua Giberson!  If that doesn’t sound familiar by now, you clearly don’t read enough California State Fair blogs!  But hey, at least you’re reading this one.  I’m actually really stoked to tell you all about this new aspect of the Fair this year.  Despite the fact that I’m not necessarily an avid biker, I know that there are some cycle-paths out there that are crazy about riding their bikes!  Plus, I am a big fan of being active so I’m a wheelie wheelie big advocate for this year’s FREE Bike Valet Service!

That’s right, I said it.  This year, the California State Fair is providing a FREE Bike Valet Service every Saturday from 11:30am – 10:30pm.  Now any goober would say “Well, what’s so great about that?”  I’ll tell you, ya goober!  First of all, you get to save a sweet 15 smackaroos on parking!  Now that alone should be enough to convince you, but there’s more.  Second, the Bike Valet Service at the Green Gate is security monitored, so you can rest assured that your bike is safe!  Third, you’re encouraged to get up and get active!  Last but certainly not least, while you’re up and active, you get to enjoy an awesome and scenic bike ride all the way to the Fairgrounds!

Now, personally, I chose to try a ride to the Fair on the Sacramento Northern Bikeway and it was great!  However you can ride from wherever you want, as long as you end up at the Green Gate of the Fairgrounds.  The Green Gate is located on the Eastern side of the Fairgrounds near Papa Murphy Park.  Wait, there’s more!  If you were interested in taking advantage of this awesome service, but didn’t feel like riding alone… you’re in luck!  On Saturday, July 22nd there will be a “bike meetup” at the Farmers Market in Midtown Sacramento (20th Street B/T J & K, Sacramento, California 95811).  You can meet up with other cycling friends (or make new friends) at 11:30am, grab a piece of fruit at the Farmers Market, and then all ride over to the Fair together (12pm) for the real treats/food!  Yeah… you know what I’m talking about.  Just believe it, you rode your bike to the Fair… you deserve that delicious Fair Food, you earned it ;D

a panoramic image of some people riding their bikes at dusk