Fundraising for your non-profit organization has never been easier! Get $1 for every general admission ticket you sell to the 2020 California State Fair!
CA State Fair will open this program to recognized California non-profit organizations in May.

To take full advantage of this great opportunity:

  1. You will need to complete a short application to become a designated non-profit ticket seller.
  2. We’ll provide you a link to send to your supporters to use for online ticket purchases.
  3. Create your own ad to attach to your social media posts, newsletters and other digital communications to help sell tickets.
  4. You must sell a minimum of 25 tickets.
  5. After the Fair, you’ll receive a check. *(If you sell under $25 tickets, no check will be issued.)

It’s a simple and effective turn-key fundraiser for your organization!

For more information, please contact