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Before I begin, I was looking for a joke to start this blog off with when I discovered something unexpected.  There are ZERO good jokes about pineapples.  The almighty internet provided very little material for me to use.  Like seriously nothing… a little disappointing haha.  So it looks like I’ll have to settle with a pun!  But hey, before I Dole out these sweet secrets, remember who brought them to you… it’s Joshua Giberson here folks ;P

Now where is the only place to get the famously delicious, pineapple-flavored, soft-serve, frozen dessert known as Dole Whip?  Disneyland?  Wrong!  I know… you’re probably thinking that whatever I say, I’m wrong because Disneyland has a magical monopoly on the iconic Dole Whip.  However, I’m not wrong and frankly, I feel honored to be able to share this incredible news with others.  This year, the Fair has somehow managed to secure the legendary Dole Whip to be sold right here… in Northern California… at the California State Fair… for 17.  Days.  Straight.  July 14th-30th.

According to Wikipedia, “Dole Whip has achieved a cult following among Disney park-goers.”  Now, as wildly credible as Wikipedia is, I’m telling you it’s legit.  Google it if you don’t believe me!  The people who know what Dole Whip is (likely to be you), are actually nodding their heads in conspicuous unison right now.

Anyway, if you were already planning on coming to the Fair, I hope this gives you just one more reason to come on out and enjoy yourself!  However, if you weren’t sure you were going to make it out to the California State Fair, or you know someone who isn’t, then hopefully the fact that Dole Whip’s tropical presence will be blessing us, will be enough to convince you (or them) to give the Fair a chance this summer.  And hey, if you or they try to say that they can’t enjoy Dole Whip because they are Lactose intolerant OR Gluten intolerant… tell them they can!  Dole Whip is able to be enjoyed by anyone because it is dairy-free and Gluten-free!

a close up photo of the Dole soft-serve machine

Despite the obvious fact that a Dole Whip is priceless, the prices of all the delicious Dole products are incredibly reasonable!  $6 bucks for the classic Dole Whip?  Sign me up!

Well, I’d say that’s all I’ve got for you, but I’ve provided the best news since the confirmation that Smash Mouth will be performing here on July 22nd!  So with that, I’m out of here folks.  Stay tuned for more killer blogs… coming up, we’ve got one all about the FREE stuff you can get/do here at the California State Fair!