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One of the best days of Fair–at least in my opinion–is fast approaching. Nothing can stop these miniature running machines, as the Wienerschnitzel Weiner Nationals are back! Are you prepared for the impending weiner dog championship?

Picture this—small fur slinkies, hurling down the miniature racetrack that matches their equally mini size, moving their tiny legs to victory, clothed in adorable bibs that declare their numbers to the masses! A cash prize is on the line, and these weiners did not come to play (well, they did come to play, but their owners are sincerely hoping they take this competition seriously). The weiner dogs and their owners have adopted grueling training regimens in the hope to be crowned this year’s winner, which means they tempt their small pooches with treats at the other end of their backyard.

Volunteers—we hope you are ready! We predict a scattering of rainbow this year as not all dogs are able to focus on the task in front of them when all their furry friends are milling about.

an image of several wiener dogs participating in a wiener dog race   a triumphant looking wiener dog donning his white race uniform whilst looking up at his owner

Are you ready to witness this adorableness? Cheer on your favorite fur ball at the Wienerschnitzel Weiner Nationals this Saturday at the Miller Lite Racetrack Grandstands. Post time for the first heat is 2:15pm, and the races will happen between the thoroughbred horse races.

Written by: Zoey Gough